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Eat Better! Eat Fresh, Eat Well, Eat Local
In 10 years, La Scala has come farther then we ever could have
imagined, but it is time for big changes as we kick off our Farm to Fork initiative. Our Farm to Fork philosophy began with our own adventures moving to the country. In 2006, we moved to a small 5 acre farm in search of the healthiest, most balanced life for our daughter and ourselves. Little did we know, it would turn Kirsten’s passion for gardening into a large scale food production project. The farm, dubbed Small Wonder Farm, has fueled our passion for FRESH ingredients, produced without chemicals, that support our local farmers and food artisans. 
The latest version of our menu (10 years in the making!) puts a focus on seasonal produce and other local products. This is a warm weather menu and you will be seeing a cold weather menu this coming fall. Our own Small Wonder Farm will be providing some of the local flavor, but we are also working with local farmers who are growing chemical free.   Please join us in supporting local farmers as well as other local businesses, keeping money in our own community, saving the planet a lot of pollution from chemical farming and unnecessary food transportation, and eating the most flavorful food possible.
We will using local products increasingly and we hope you will too!

Farm to Fork Eating

 Keep watching---we will be finding more great, locally crafted, and naturally produced products for you all the time.

Silverthorn Farm--Salad Greens and more

This Old Farm Ground Beef and Produce

Hoosier Momma's Bloody Mary Maker

Thistle Byre Farm Italian Sausage

Markle Farm Produce

Jameson Coffee