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Eat Better: Eat Well, Eat Fresh, Eat Local

This latest version of our menu (16 years in the making!) puts a focus on seasonal produce and other local products.  Our own Small Wonder Farm is providing an increasing amount of the local flavor. We are also working with other local farmers who are growing chemical free.  One of the joys of this project has been forming business and personal relationships with area farmers and helping to bring back a thriving local food economy. Please join us in supporting local farmers as well as other local businesses, keeping money in our own community, saving the planet a lot of pollution from chemical farming and unnecessary food transportation, and eating the most flavorful food possible.


Some of our suppliers: our own Small Wonder Farm, Thistle Byre Farm, This Old Farm, Cooley Family Farm, Longhouse Farm, Cornerstone Bakery, Silverthorn Farm, Smoking Goose, Local Folks Foods, RJ Honey



Farm to Fork Eating

New Local Producers--

Local Folks
Cornerstone Bread

Silverthorn Farm--Salad Greens and more

This Old Farm Ground Beef and Produce

Hoosier Momma's Bloody Mary Maker

Thistle Byre Farm Italian Sausage

Markle Farm Produce

Jameson Coffee